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Offering easy to install and power efficient Electrical Items like Transformers, Starting Induction Motor, Induction Motor and Voltage Testers...

About Us

Electrical Items are of great importance because they assist in supplying electricity, managing high/low voltage, boosting voltage, and also help in performing various other similar tasks. To experience high operational fluency and reliable performance of electrical items, one must buy only quality products.

One of the best and leading companies that specializes in manufacturing and supplying a large gamut of quality electrical items is Starlit Electricals. Started in the year 1981, our company cemented its position in highly competitive Electrical Industry as a manufacturer and exporter of Current Transformer, Voltage Transformer, Auto Transformer, Starting Induction Motor, Single & Three Phase Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Lighting Transformer, Urthing Transformer, Voltage Boosters,Voltage Stabilizer, along with a host of other products.

We make products following good manufacturing practices and quality standards. Our offerings made using advance manufacturing facilities, go through stringent quality checks as per IS/IEC and are supplied not only in India but in international countries as well.

Our Aim

At Starlit Electricals, we aim at servicing in the power sector in the best way possible. In addition to this, we also aim at supplying to our customers high quality electrical items, and technical support regarding these products.

Our Objective

  • Provide sourcing opportunity for trading and exporting companies.
  • To produce quality transformers, testers and other electrical products.
  • Benefit customers by providing them cost-effective products and reliable services.

We also initiate power, distribution, control and instrument transformers to the Electricity Generation Sector, windmill projects, hydro electric projects and also custom made development projects for our nationally and internationally based customers.

Testing Facilities

Quality plays a key role in our offered Distribution Transformer, Voltage Boosters, and various other electrical items. To check the quality of our offerings, we have developed a special testing laboratory where we have installed facilities like Digital Multimeter, High Voltage tester (75 KV & 5KV) and Induced High Frequency Set with Triple Frequency Generator, to test every product.

What We Can Offer?

  • We offer support to people for business development.
  • Our company efficiently identifies potential customers and market risks.
  • We tackle market competition and provide complete customer care support to customers.

Broad Methodology

We have made a set of rules, following which we make, design and deliver products.

  • Identify Source- We draw a variety of electrical items, shortlist the source, provide samples to clients and only after client consent proceed to the production work.
  • Establish Source- Samples are reviewed by our customers, after which we plan for the development of complete order.
  • Manage Source- Contract finalization, schedule inspection of quality and monitor delivery.